Bells The Reader Commercial

Bell’s The Reader | Inspiration

New Bell’s South Africa TV Ad — The Reader

Amazing video with such inspiration around the old world father wanting to learn to English so he can read his sons book

We watch a lot of commercial and see a lot of ads living in todays world but there are those that are typical “Budweiser ads” or there are ads like this New Bell’s commercial call The Reader that …

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Sprout Camp | Unmistakable

Recently we came across a company that really resonated with me(Paul Talbot) so I wanted to share what they are doing with the larger world that is the internet.

Sprout Camp is a Non-Profit based in Florida/Ashville respectively. They want to help change the world by allowing companies that want to change the world to have a platform to launch from. Today too many companies and investors are all about making …

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Camera Equipment Demo Day Boulder Digital Arts

Camera Equipment Demo Day

BDA is putting on a FREE video camera demo at BDA for all the pro shooters, producers, directors, and possible clients in and around Boulder/Denver!

Among the cameras we’re hoping to have are the F55, RED, FS100/700, HPX 2000, DSLR’s, GoPro’s, BM Pocket Camera – well, you get the idea. Essentially, video cameras that are relatively new and current, and that would be of interest to your fellow …

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